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About Us

How it All Started

Josiah’s House began June 9, 2008 but its vision and ongoing purpose hold deep roots as a personal mission before that day for Founder Ms. Irene Jones son Josiah, was diagnosed with autism.  Ms. Jones sought support and growth for her son in a group home, which proved to be unsuccessful.  The residential environment provided minimal life and social integration support and the over environment was not beneficial to Josiah.  


She knew that this was not the answer and that there was another way to provide him support and resources with dignity.  The treatment of her son was a catalyst for Ms. Jones to resign for her job as a RTA bus driver to discharge her son from the group home and dedicate her time to provide the developmental care he needed.  While seeking to understand how to take care of her son.  

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Ms. Jones immersed herself in learning about treating and supporting Friends across the Autism Spectrum.  She earned her Certification from the Ohio Department of Developmental Disabilities and began to build what is now known as Josiah’s House Inc.

Josiah’s House Inc. is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization. It is the mission of Josiah’s House, Inc. to provide Pathways to Employment services and Community Life Engagement activities to adults with Developmental Disabilities and Autism.  Helping them to Come Alive to Purpose self-sufficiency and independence.

Irene Jones  CEO/ Executive Director
Alicia Sims Management/ Compliance Officer
Kimberly Mitchell
Salina Miller  Program Director
Marian Helmick
Tomiko Whitby
Nichelle Wilson
Mr. Claude Williams  (Driver)
Mr. Buford Miller      (Driver)


Our Vision

Creating a better every-day life for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and  Autism.  Where they realize their full potential by exercising the power of personal choice.

If your individual needs a ride to and from work Let Josiah’s House Transportation Services be your NMT

Meet the Team

Our Services

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If you are looking for transportation or want to schedule a tour give us a call
216-236-6960 ph.
216-236-6964 Fax
Josiah’s House Inc.
Irene B. Jones CEO/ Founder
981 Keynote Circle Drive   
Brooklyn Heights, Ohio 44131 Ste 13

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