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Providing Everything You Need

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Vocational Training

Josiah's House helps to provide and facilitate vocational training for individuals with autism.

Life Skills

Josiah's House will work on teaching much-needed life skills such as Washing, Folding, Mopping.

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Job Placement

Josiah's House helps our friends to land and maintain jobs at a variety of placements in numerous industries.


In The Valley Café:  The Café is a vision to establish a “Grab-n Go” style Coffees shop, open to the public, Mon-Fri, 11 am-2 pm. 

Inspired by Ohio’s Employment First Initiative,  In the Valley Café is a pathway to employment for friends who have expressed an interest in the Food Service Industry and Customer Service.

Group & Social Activities


Dance Therapy: Movement for the participants serves as a positive outlet stress reliever and oftentimes an opportunity for the group to share how they are feeling while receiving support/feedback from the group identities are discovered, healthy relationships are built and people feel accepted for who they are.

Art Therapy:  Arts and Crafts projects

Horse Therapy (Seasonal)  Field Stone Farms

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White Minibuses

Transportation Services

Josiah's House provides transportation services dedicated to the care and safety of our friends.

If your individual needs a ride to and from work Let Josiah’s House Transportation Services be your NMT provider.

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If you are looking for transportation or want to schedule a tour give us a call
216-236-6960 ph.
216-236-6964 Fax
Josiah’s House Inc.
Irene B. Jones CEO/ Founder
981 Keynote Circle Drive   
Brooklyn Heights, Ohio 44131 Ste 13

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