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JOSIAH'S HOUSE INC. is a full service adult day center that features learning and life skills training both home skills and vocational enclave to individuals with disabilities.  The Center has learning centers for all aspects of daily living.  Around the corner from the main learning center is a home life skill center that features a full service kitchen with stove, refrigerator, sink, practice bed for home care skills and dining area to practice skills in cooking and meal preparation. Visit our ABOUT US to learn more about Josiah's House, Inc. 

We're excited to make a difference in addressing the issues related to the special needs community. For location and directions see the Contact Us page.

Event Sponsors Needed
If you would like to be an event sponsor for our 2014 show, please contact Irene Jones at: 216.236.6960

Below are our corporate partners from last year's event.  


Josiah's House Inc. is a non-profit 501C3 that relies upon the generosity of donors and people with a heart to help.

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Video: Josiah's House Inc video collage.

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